About product

New to the market!

Smart portable garage is a patent outdoor car parking product specifically designed to protect your car or motorcycle parked in an open outdoor parking lot. It is a solar-powered and remotely controlled portable garage which protects your car / motorcycle from weather conditions, human damage, saves vehicle’s energy and provides privacy if necessary.

  • 75% of the components are mold-open parts with reliable mechanical performance and strong interchangeability
  • All exposed parts are made of stainless steel, aluminium alloy, engineering plastics and high-quality fabrics which are all characterized as anti-UV and resistant to acid rain, anti-crumpling, flame retardant in accordance with the European standards
  • The garage is powered through solar energy system. 6-8 hours of solar power is sufficient to support the operation of this smart garage for more than 20 days.
  • Wireless remote control
  • All parts are salt spray tested
  • All parts from the supplier are qualified
  • All parts are easily interchangeable and carry a guarantee
  • Guarantee: Whole product 1 year, major parts 2 years



SmartPark garaža sa dimenzijama
SP210 SP211 SP212
Outside dimension
(L x W x H)
555 x 250 x 180 cm 580 x 250 x 210 cm 597 x 250 x 210 cm
Inside dimension
(L x W x H)
510 x 225 x 160 cm 535 x 225 x 182 cm 552 x 225 x 185 cm
Type of vehicle CAR CAR, SUV CAR, SUV, MPV
555 x 250 x 180 cm
Outside dimension (L x W x H)
510 x 225 x 160 cm
Inside dimension (L x W x H)
Type of vehicle
580 x 250 x 210 cm
Outside dimension (L x W x H)
535 x 225 x 182 cm
Inside dimension (L x W x H)
Type of vehicle
597 x 250 x 210 cm
Outside dimension (L x W x H)
552 x 225 x 185 cm
Inside dimension (L x W x H)
Type of vehicle

About us

SmartPark is a company based in Croatia which sells and installs smart outdoor garages in open parking lots.

Smart garage is a new product to market thanks to SmartPark which decided to introduce it to the owners of cars/motorcycles, who are for some reason forced to park their four-wheeled pets in outdoor parking lots.

In SmartPark we think that this product offers useful and long-term solution to problems arising from car/motorcycle exposure to external conditions which are beyond one’s control and consequently protects and prolongs the age of your vehicle and your nerves.

Why SmartPark garage?

Weather Conditions

Slows down the aging of car paint and plastic components caused by wind, acid rain, extreme cold, sunlight exposure, ultraviolet radiation, etc.. It reduces security risk during the accumulation of excessive heat in the car.

Human Damage

Efficiently protects your car from scraping, scratches, crashes, theft of car parts, thrown or falling objects etc., and protects you from unnecessary financial and time loss.

Energy Saving

Cuts warm up time to warm up the vehicle in the winter and cuts cool down time in the summer, it reduces fuel consumption, effectively reduces the amount of electrostatic dust generated during prolonged parking of vehicles, and thus reduces the need to wash your car frequently.

Privacy Protection

Effectively provides the desired privacy to a vehicle owner in special occasions.


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